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Ambient Air Monitoring

ambient-monitoringAQS provides comprehensive ambient air monitoring services to both industrial and utility clients. These projects are typically fulfilling pre-construction monitoring or PSD permitting requirements. Our ambient data are subjected to the quality assurance requirements of the USEPA, state agencies and our own internal requirements. Our goal is to provide quality assured data in a timely manner meeting all valid data recovery requirements. We have demonstrated our ability to do just that on a consistent basis. Our capabilities include:

  • Overall network design utilizing computer impact modeling
  • Determination of site locations in accordance with USEPA guidelines
  • Client Liaison to Regulatory Agencies
  • Development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) / Monitoring Plans and site specific Standard Operating Procedures for regulatory agency approval
  • Assistance with property lease negotiations
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Site design and construction support
  • Equipment Installation and network commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance, including calibrations and audits
  • Remote data acquisition and data reduction to meet data validation recovery requirements
  • Data reporting to both client and regulatory agencies in required format
  • Quarterly independent accuracy audits
  • Training including Operation and Maintenance, Quality Assurance / Control and Data Reporting)

Corporate Headquarters:

10441 Hedden Road
Evansville, Indiana
(812) 452-4785