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Air Dispersion Modeling

Air-Dispersion-ModelingAQS has performed many air dispersion modeling studies in support of air permit applications and to locate ambient monitoring sites. We closely follow developments in USEPA and state modeling guidelines. Our staff is well versed in the use of the AERMOD modeling system for short range dispersion modeling and the CALPUFF modeling system for long range dispersion modeling.

We have submitted AERMOD dispersion modeling analyses to support local and state permits and federal PSD permit applications and have conducted CALPUFF modeling for both PSD and Class I area analyses. Both AERMOD and CALPUFF utilize detailed meteorological data inputs that require subjective analysis to achieve their improved estimation of air quality impacts. AQS maintains ready access to raw meteorological and geophysical data, and is proficient in analyzing and processing these data for input to AERMOD and CALPUFF, requiring considerable expertise and computing resources to execute.

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