Air is our passion, this single-minded dedication sets AQS apart


"Your staff's knowledge, expertise, responsiveness, attention to detail, and personalized service enabled us to complete the work on schedule and the project received the required unit certifications from both the EPA and IDEM. The services offered by AQS were first rate. AQS' experience played a key in overcoming problems that were encountered over nine plus months of site testing with desired results."

Michael J. Martin, C.E.P.
Director, Health Safety and Environment
Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
Fluor Power Group

"I don't believe that a better firm exists for stack testing, emissions modeling or environmental report generation anywhere in the US. I believe that AQS is the most reputable company and group of individuals that I have dealt with during my tenure as a regulator dealing with the emissions testing firm, a consultant on joint ventures and finally as their client. Their concern has always been that of the client, the client's needs and the client’s regulatory compliance."

Bruce D. Gaylord, PG, QEP
Environmental Expert
Republic Conduit

"Your staff is very professional and has worked under some very demanding conditions, while providing accurate data we have depended on to make some high-dollar engineering decisions."

Bruno A. Ferraro, CEP, QEP
Grove Scientific & Engineering Company

Welcome and thank you for your consideration of Air Quality Services (AQS), a multi-disciplined provider of air-related environmental services.

With a substantial electric utility and industrial background, we fully recognize the importance of your air emissions compliance program, and of our role in providing professional services that merit your trust.

AQS is rooted in a solid mid-western work ethic, and every aspect of our organizational structure, from our seasoned professional staff to our state-of-the-art equipment, is designed around an unwavering commitment toward providing value-added benefits for our clients. Our objective is to offer services that are not only regulatory compliant, but also appropriate and cost-effective. Please check us out; then give us a call to discuss your particular needs and our related solutions.

Certified AETB
MICCS Certified